remote personal training questionnaire
thank you so much for being here - i'm really excited that you're interested in making movement a priority in your life, HECK YES! i'm here to help!

please take a look at the questions below to get started. the more information you can give me the better!

once i've rec'd your form i will reach out shortly to answer any questions and get you more information about remote training with me at take good care fitness!
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Have you done strength training before? *
what is your "WHY"? if you're not totally sure, give it your best shot! be as honest as possible here - this is your north star and what we look to when we need a reminder for why we're moving! *
let's chat goals! we will talk more about this in person...but for now, what comes to mind? do you have performance goals (ie. do 5 push ups) or "feeling goals" (ie. i want to feel more confident in my movement patterns)...or both? or something else? there is NO wrong answer! *
What does your movement routine look like currently? *please be as specific and honest as possible - no judgement here ever! note frequency, duration, format, intensity...etc! *
What do you love about your current routine? *
What is missing from your current routine? *
Have you worked with a personal trainer before? *
If yes, what was great about it?  *Leave blank if not applicable!
If yes, what WASN'T great about it? *Leave blank if not applicable!
where will you be completing your workouts? *
what equipment will you have access to? *please be as specific as possible - ie. "2 25lb dumbbells. 1 15lb kettlebell" instead of "free weights" *
Tell me about past/current injuries, aches, pains, etc! Please offer as much detail as possible! *
Are you currently on any medications/do you have a health condition that affects your exercise? Please offer as much detail as possible! *
If you answered 'YES' in the previous questions, have you been cleared to participate in personal training/exercise by your doctor? *
Why would you like to work with me? *
Where did you find me? *
Anything else you'd like me to know?
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