Student Survey for TN READY
Tell us what you think about the TN Ready tests that you took this year at CBMS. I already know that Questar was a mess, but I want to know about the overall experience that you had! All responses are confidential. Thanks for helping us with planning for next year's tests!
On a scale of 1 - 5, how do you feel TNReady testing went this year at CBMS? *
Did you feel prepared for online testing this year? *
Knowing you still have to take the same amount of tests online, what would you change for next year's testing?
Did you like the "testing one subject one test a day" schedule? *
Why did you like the schedule or why did you not like the schedule?
How would you say that you felt during the TN Ready testing this year?
Choose any/all that apply.
Why did you feel the way you felt about TNReady testing?
Do you believe the results of the TNReady tests will be an accurate reflection of your knowledge/ability in that particular subject? *
I took ___________ tests to the BEST of my ability. *
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