Questionnaire for Employers
Dear Respondent,
The Ministry of Tourism and Natural Resources in collaboration with the National College of Tourism (NCT) is conducting a study on the ‘’Assessment of Quality of Training Offered by NCT and its Role in Increasing Supply of Quality Work Force in Tourism and Hospitality Industry in Tanzania’’. The purpose of this study is to examine the role of NCT in improving quality of services in the tourism sector. The finding of this study will be used to improve the quality of services provided to tourists as well as addressing the skills gaps in tourism and hospitality industries. Further the study wishes to assess the demand of the tourism and hospitality courses in the labour market. The information gathered will be used for the intended purposes only. Your responses will be totally anonymous and the highest degree of confidentiality will be maintained. Therefore, we are requesting your time to answer the following questions as honestly and as openly as you can.
Your response to this survey is greatly appreciated.
I. Personal Information
1. You are,
2. Your Age
3. Nationality (eg Korean, Kenyan etc)
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4. Your education level
Other qualification (Please specify)
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II. Employer particulars
5. Name of the Organization:
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6. Type of Organization:
7. Job designation:
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8. Department / Division that you work in (if any):
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9. The category of the tourism business/activity that your organisation does
Others (Please specify)
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If it is a hotel, in which hotel-service does it fall among the following?
Others (Please specify)
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Employment of NCT graduates
10. Do you currently have employee(s) from NCT?
11. If yes, does their current employment relates to the experience, skills and knowledge attained from NCT?
12. What specific attributes do you think are required for any graduate to fit in into your current job demand?1= Strongly disagree, 2= Disagree, 3= Not sure, 4= Agree, 5= strongly agree
Organizational skills
Problem solving skills
Leadership skills
Ability to work independently
Creativity/creative thinking
Negotiation skills
Team work/team orientation
Time Management
Initiative/risk taking
Writing skills
Communication skills
Computer skills
Job specific skills
Decision making skills
Entrepreneurship skills
13. Overall how satisfied are you with work performance of NCT Graduates employed with your Organization (if any)?
Very dissatisfied 1 2 3 4 5 Very satisfied
14. In your opinion please indicate your level of agreement or disagreement with the following statement regarding the strength and weaknesses of programs offered by NCT 1= Strongly Disagree, 2= Disagree, 3= Not sure, 4=Agree, 5= Strongly agree
NCT curricula have limited focus on practical training
NCT curricula has weak attention to business communication skills
NCT curricula are good in terms of hospitality and ethics
NCT curricula and teaching methodology do not build creativity among students
NCT curricula are weak in terms of building entrepreneurial capacity
NCT curricula do limitedly impart soft skills to its students'
NCT curricula do not build a competent graduate in terms of English language communication
NCT trainers have capacity required to deliver the curricula
NCT has limited practical training facilities
NCT curricula development process does not appropriately involve and integrate comments from the industry
15. In your opinion please show the importance of the following potential links that can be established between you and the NCT (Very important=5, Important=4, Not sure=3, Not important=2, Not important at all=1)
Lease your hotel facilities like laundry and kitchen to NCT for teaching purposes
NCT should have forums where we meet regularly
We, industry experts, be invited to participate in NCT's training process
We, industry experts, be invited to participate in NCT's training process
NCT should design career days by involving industry's experts
NCT should assign their graduates to undertake internship programs in our establishments
NCT should regularly organize stakeholders' meetings
NCT should conduct refresher courses for our employees
NCT can take its trainers/teachers to our establishments for practical attachment
NCT should have a point-of-contact or a central officer dealing with communications and links with the industry
NCT should strive to build trust with us
NCT should build institutional links with the industry instead of individual/personal links
NCT should deliver what we agree together in our meetings/workshops/forums
16. In your opinion please indicate your agreement/disagreement with the following reasons regarding the declining rate of students enrollment to the hospitality/tourism program in Tanzania? (Strongly Disagree=1, Disagree=2, Not Sure=3, Agree=4, Strongly Agree=5)
NCT does not manage well its teachers
NCT teachers do not deliver as required
The name National College of Tourism (NCT) is not popular compared to Forodhani and Hans
The absence of loans for tourism and hospitality courses at NCT", "NCT has higher tuition fees compared to other colleges
It takes longer-time to study certificate and diploma courses at NCT
NCT does not provide appropriate practical training to students
There is a poor/bad word-of-mouth or image regarding NCT
NCT does not offer career information to students
There is no mentorship of students at NCT
NCT courses are complex
There is a little pay/wages in hospitality industry
There are problems in getting employment in the hospitality/tourism industry
The public has a bad image of hospitality profession
There are many mushrooming hospitality and tourism colleges offering competitive courses
There is a limited public awareness of hospitality profession
Hospitality employers prefer to employ graduates from other colleges than NCT graduates
There is a poor treatment of employees in the hospitality industry
Hospitality industry employs people with no complete or high qualifications
17. What kind of job occupations/skills in hospitality/tourism industry that you think need to be improved in terms of training? Please mention
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