Absence Request Form
Marching Band is so much fun it is sometimes easy to forget that it is a class!

However, students must attend all classes to keep up with your peers and for you to bring value to our band. Your attendance is also critical for you to earn class credit, a quality grade, and be eligible for enrichment opportunities like tour.

We understand occasionally significant conflicts occur, forcing a student to miss a class or part of a class. The Absence Request Form is to be submitted prior to any such unavoidable absence.

In case of any emergency absence, please inform your section leader in real time.
Then fill out the absence form at the first available opportunity.

A separate Absence Request Form must be submitted for EVERY SINGLE class (or portion thereof) you will miss.

Please note filling out this form does not mean that your absence from class is excused.
It does mean you have correctly followed the procedure to communicate the class absence.
If your absence is approved, you have the opportunity to make up the absence for full credit.
If your absence is approved, you do not have perfect attendance.
Perfect attendance means you attended all classes.

Work is not an acceptable reason to miss class. School and work are not equal.
(If your boss does not see it that way, tell him/her your band directors do, and then we will help you get a new and better boss).

Questions should be addressed to the Directors.
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What is your parent's phone number? *
We may use this to confirm your absence. Please use the format (847) 451-1111
What is that date you will be miss class? *
List ONE date only. You need to fill out a form for EACH CLASS you will miss. If you will miss a portion of the class, list the time you will miss.
Why must you miss class? *
Be specific. If the matter is very personal, please send it as a follow up e-mail or talk to a director in person.
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