Handsteco™ AI-IoT enabled wash basin for smart cities
Handsteco™ commercial wash basin is the world's first Artificial Intelligence (AI)-Internet of Things (IoT) commercial wash basin with real time hand tracking image validation designed for achieving 100% WHO hand hygiene compliance in work places in multiple industries and community to improve infection control for staff and customer safety.

Why Handsteco™ hand hygiene:
Effective hand hygiene technique as advised by WHO while washing hands is an important step to prevent spread of infection in work and public places. Employees and customers now have expectation of high-quality hand hygiene facilities from the employers and businesses across industries.

Handsteco™ AI-IoT enabled wash basin is designed to enable businesses across industries to objectively demonstrate latest innovative hand hygiene for staff and customer safety.

Handsteco™ commercial wash basin is designed and developed by Medic-Lead ltd., registered in
United Kingdom since Nov.2016.

Handsteco™ is international registered trademark owned by Medic-lead ltd.
(International patent application: PCT/GB2020/051099 pending)

Only customised packaged hand hygiene product cartridges such as hand wash solution, sanitiser, and moisturiser could be installed in Handsteco™ commercial wash basin console, these will be manufactured by us or our partners and would be available through retail channels.

The customised packaging for hand hygiene products manufactured by us will be made of paperboard based and 100% biodegradable material.
Handsteco™ wash basin manufacturing will start in 2021.
Handsteco™ commercial wash basins are developed with features to suite our business customers in different industries.

Three distinct packages and pricing plan could be seen:

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