Handsteco™ AI-IoT enabled 'Health on Tap' (HoT) game for smart work places.  
Covid 19 variants are likely to become endemic in population, infections and subsequent use of antibiotics leading to antibiotics resistance remain grave challenges for the world.  

WHO/CDC survey has shown that less than 40% population wash their hands adequately and frequently.

Low hand hygiene compliance by staff in healthcare industry result in healthcare associated infections (HCAIs), killing thousands of patients every year, whereas such noncompliance by food industry staff result in outbreak of food poisoning affecting thousands across the world.

Inadequate hand hygiene practice at workplace results in infection affecting significant work force every year leading to economic burden of workplace absenteeism.

Employees  across the world now understand the importance of effective hand hygiene technique while washing hands and, that infection control is every one’s responsibility.

Univ. London study (May 2020) showed that washing hands 6-10 times a day could control infection spread by up to 36%. https://www.ucl.ac.uk/news/2020/may/handwashing-6-10-times-day-linked-lower-infection-risk#:~:text=Handwashing%206%2D10%20times%20a,News%20%2D%20UCL%20%E2%80%93%20University%20College%20London
Effective hand hygiene practice and other infection control measures drastically decreased seasonal flu and other infections across the world, indicating that innovations enabling such measures could save thousands of lives every year.  

Why Handsteco™ for washing hands:

Handsteco is the world's first Artificial Intelligence (AI)  enabled wash basin with Internet of Things (IoT). The AI console could be installed on any washbasin sink.

Handsteco: World's first AI-IoT enabled hospital grade hand hygiene systems: It uses proprietary AI algorithm as developed by Surewash, www.surewash.com

                                     Health on Tap (HoT) game for work places: Everybody wins!

Every workplace hand washing episode is a game! played on Handsteco AI-IoT enabled HoT console & HoT App.

Health on Tap (HoT) is our service to our business customers. It involves installation of our Handsteco AI-IoT enabled 'Health on Tap' (HoT) game console integrated faucet on their existing wash basin sink.

 (conditions applied: IoT connection for cloud network, App installation by the employees, and agreement with our E-commerce-media platform)

 1-  How it works: https://youtu.be/-fbD0XYqaxw

Thus, it implements 100% WHO hand hygiene technique compliance for every user, every time for real time infection control.

2- Sends hand washing reminder alerts and records compliance for local staff hand hygiene policy (eg.hourly or 6-8 times/work shift) through HoT App.

3- Health on Tap (HoT): The HoT platform and HoT App for employees will connect employees with direct to customers (D2C) health and wellness providers (up to 360,000 health & wellness Apps including 20,000 mental health Apps) after medically validating them through our algorithm.

The platform streams sponsored content during every workplace hand washing episode from medically validated health & wellness providers.

The platform rewards employees for washing their hands regularly by discounts of up to $50/month on subscription/ prescriptions/ In App purchases/ insurance premiums  from up to 360,000 health/ wellness and mental health apps.

                                  Handsteco posters at Knowlex IPC 2022, April26-27, Birmingham

                                          Handsteco HoT for NHS hospital development: The first NHS 75!
 NHS hospital development programme: Hospitals undergoing infrastructure renovation under the Government hospital development programme (40 new hospitals) can avail up to 25%  discounts for installation/ purchase  of Handsteco AI-IoT installation, only the first 75 applications from NHS hospitals/ primary care  would be honoured for this offer.  

                                                       HoT for Net Zero!: Decarbonisation of hand washing.

Handsteco AI-IoT enabled HoT game saves up to 1 litre of water per game/hand washing episode.
A fortune 500 company employs 100K-2M employees.

A company employing 100K:
6-8 HoT game/ day would save up to 800K litres of water/day
and up to 19500 Kw power to heat that water, saving up to 11K kg carbon emission/ day.

NHS employs approx. 1.3 Million with higher requirement of frequent hand washing.

Refillable antimicrobial coated hand wash solution tank replaces the need for hand wash refill every 1000 episodes of hand washing (500ml)  thus saving on plastic consumption.

Handsteco console programme can calculate this data in realtime helping our business customers to achieve their carbon emission target and save significantly on water and electricity consumption.

                                                              About Handsteco

Employers across industries are looking for innovative solutions for improving workplace safety and employees health& wellness
Employers across industries are adapting AI-IoT technology to achieve 100% efficiency in every workplace operation. General employee behaviour with traditional wash basin achieves < 40% efficient effective hand washing episodes resulting in spread of infections.

Handsteco AI-IoT enabled wash basin, hand sanitiser dispenser product and service packages are designed to give tangible desired outcome of every hand hygiene episode by increasing the efficiency to 100% for our business customers across industries.

We have developed Handsteco HoT as an  innovative, sustainable product & service package to provide Health & wellness ecosystem for employees embedded in smart infrastructure in smart workplaces.

Our vision is to replace every work place wash basin with Health on Tap (HoT) for employee wellness in smart workplaces.

Handsteco AI-IoT enabled wash basin & hand sanitiser dispenser are designed and developed by Medic-lead ltd. U.K (2016). The company is currently securing venture funding , this will be disclosed soon to our customers.

Handsteco AI-IoT enabled consoles will be manufactured by our corporate partners based in South Korea, India and Taiwan.

Handsteco HoT e-commerce media platform and HoT app will be managed by Medic-lead ltd.

 Handsteco™ is international registered trademark owned by Medic-lead ltd.
(International patent application: PCT/GB2020/051099 pending)


                                                   More about Handsteco HoT:

                                               How is your data managed:

We will not, under any circumstances, share your personal information with other individuals or organisations without your permission, including public organisations, corporations or individuals, except when applicable by law. We do not sell, communicate or divulge your information to any mailing lists.

The only exception is if the law or a court order compels us to. We will share your information with government agencies if they need or request it.

Please visit our website https://www.handsteco.com for our privacy policy.
twitter: @handsteco.
for customised quotes or any other policy details please email:
linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/handsteco

                                                  Hand washing is forever, let's clean up the act!

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Handsteco: AI-IoT enabled hospital grade wash basin for smart hospitals
'Health on Tap' (HoT) game for smart workplaces
Handsteco HoT for Net Zero: Decarbonisation of hand washing
Handsteco HoT console: latest version- Retro-fit on any wash basin sink
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