Welcome to the "Watch Love Grow" Fund?
Hello Dynamic Changemaker!  We have been looking for YOU!  Do you have any idea how powerful you are?  The impact you can have with YOUR unique style of sharing love and kindness?  We like to call this your Heartprint.  It's your one-of-a kind love stamp on the world around you!  Now, imagine oodles of amazing people like you sharing their unique heartprint. See the ripple? Feel the impact?   Now, Watch Love Grow!

How?  Thanks to The Mayaway an organization whose SOUL PURPOSE is to build a more loving world one heart at a time, we will be giving away Kindness Grants so that we can collectively Watch Love Grow.  

What are we looking for? Creative actions to spread love and kindness to people in your community.  Especially people you don't know.  Think out of the box like a Love Seat where you catch the Love Bug and declare how you will spread love OR putting $10 with a note in obvious places in a store OR passing out love pendants to people.  The more creative, the better!  Of course, buying coffee for the people behind you and making kits for the homeless are equally worthy and we are interested!!, The more people you can impact with your grant the more ripples.  That's what we are interested in. That's how we literally watch love grow.  You never know, the Laughter Yoga Class you had at the park could have been just what someone needed.  After an hour of laughter they go home and declare family night bringing joy to everyone in their home and the next day the family wakes up and decide to do a project of their own and so on and so on.

We are just getting this started so if you are someone who has the desire to spread love and kindness but not the idea, we will be happy to talk to you to create an idea that is perfect for you and your community.

Ready to ignite your passion to create a more loving world?  Apply now!

Kindness Grants are powered by The Mayaway❤

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If you chose $100 we would like you to impact  1-10 people. If you choose $250 and you like you to impact 20 to 500 people.  Your goal is to spread love and kindness in a creative way.  Impress us with your vision. (We already love your answer) GO... By the way, if you have a deep desire to do this but do not have an idea, let's talk and we will work together to create something perfect for YOU! *
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You Will Hear From Us! We want you to be a part of Watch Love Grow.  We want this to be a win, win, win for our planet.  While we have a limited amount of grants, we still have ideas to encourage you to make your vision a reality that means everyone will hear from us!  Thank you for applying, watch your email for a response from us. We will respond at the end of each month for those who applied by the 20th of that month. If you apply after the 20th you will hear from us at the end of the following month.  With Love and Gratitude! The Watch Love Grow Team
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