Spring Break Canoeing in the Ozarks
There are several beautiful canoeing rivers in the Ozarks including the Buffalo River (in northern Arkansas) and the Jacks
Fork and Current Rivers (in southern Missouri). Which river/rivers we do will depend on the skill level and interests of the trip participants.

No matter which river(s) we do, we will be carrying all our food and equipment in the canoes with us and camping on gravel bars or rustic campsites along the river. All these rivers have at least some rapids/riffles and require at least an R-1 rating in an open canoe (or a lake rating in an open canoe & prior rapids experience outside of the Hoofer Outing Club).

The deadline for completing this form is March 3, 2019.

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What is your Hoofer Outing Club paddler rating in an open canoe?
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Please describe your canoeing experience outside of the Hoofer Outing Club?
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Do you have any first aid training, please describe?
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Do you have a vehicle that can carry a canoe?
The Hoofer Outing Club has some camping and paddling equipment available for use by active club members. Will you need any of the following: Canoe, paddle, pfd, helmet, tent, sleeping pad, sleeping bag? Please list which of the above equipment you will need.
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The Buffalo River is about an 11 hour drive from Madison. The Jacks Fork are about an 8 hour drive. Which day will you be available to leave Madison?
What date do you need to return to Madison?
On a scale of 1 to 5 (with "1" being a leisurely float trip allowing plenty of time for hanging out in camp, reading, side hikes, etc. and "5" being I want to paddle all day and crank out lots of miles on the river), please choose the type of trip you're interested in.
Please choose the level of whitewater you're interested in. Note, we'll be limited to the skill level of the participants on the trip and in no event will we run anything greater than class II rapids.
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