Red River Market End of Season Survey
Red River Market values community feedback on the experiences it creates. Please help us learn where we can improve and share what you enjoyed about the forth season of the Red River Market.

Personal information provided is used strictly for reporting and grant writing purposes.
When you visited the market, did you recognize someone who you did not come to the event with?
Please rate your overall experience as a Red River Market Customer:
Considering your complete experience with the Red River Market, how likely would you be to recommend this event to a friend or colleague?
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How long did you typically stay at the market?
What goods did you buy at the market?
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How did you hear about the market?
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How did you typically travel to the Red River Market?
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If you traveled here by car, where did you typically look for parking?
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What is your age range?
What is the age range of those who have attended the market with you?
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What is your zip code?
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Which best describes you?
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About how many times did you attend the market this season?
What do you enjoy the most about the market?
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What could we do to improve your experience at the market?
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What other special events would you like to see at the market?
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What would other vendors or products would you like see at the market?
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Did you visit any other downtown businesses before or after the market?
If so, please list them:
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Please share any additional comments, thoughts or ideas you have regarding the market:
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