Ecophilia can be defined as our deep desire to connect with nature. But what is nature? And what is ecophilia in the age of the Anthropocene? When borders between nature, human and technology have become blurred, even obsolete?

How is ecophilia manifested today? Fighting climate change? Giving legal rights to non-humans? Advocating the devolution of the human species – for the better of the planet? Or should a true ecophile love and care for a nature transformed with all its strange new habitants? What about saving plastic Christmas trees, protecting artificial landscapes and putting genetically modified organisms in the list of protected species?

How do the many varieties of ecophilia affect nature? And what happens when our relationship with nature turns into an ecosexual fetish? Can one be too much of an ecophile? Do we even need to be in nature to be ecophiles? Artificial Intelligence (AI) promises to solve all the environmental crises just by running numbers. Now technoecophile’s love for nature can be amplified through screens, apps and endless gadgets.

Meta.Morf 2022 – The seventh Trondheim international biennale for art and technology – manifests a critical take on mankind’s relationship to nature. The biennale will, through conferences, exhibitions and performances, critically question what it truly means to be an ecophile in the age of the Anthropocene?


The program for the Ecophilia conference and exhibition is composed both by artists and speakers selected through open calls, as well as directly invited by the biennale organizers.

Main curators:
- Zane Cerpina
- Espen Gangvik

Meta.Morf 2022 advisory board members:
- Erich Berger, Director of the Bioart Society, FI
- Michel van Dartel, Director of V2_, Research Professor at CARADT, NL
- Jurij Krpan, Artistic Director of Kapelica Gallery, Kersnikova Institute, SL
- Ursula Münster, Associate Professor and Director, Oslo School of Environmental Humanities, UiO, NO
- Hege Tapio, NOBA (Norwegian BioArt Arena), FeLT Futures of Living Technologies, OsloMet), NO
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Meta.Morf invites artists, researchers, and experts to participate at the opening conference of the 2022 Trondheim international biennale for art and technology, Meta.Morf X – Ecophilia.

We are seeking presentations that can take place during the “Ecophilia” two day conference on May 20 and 21, 2022.

Meta.Morf covers a participation fee, as well as travel and accommodation expenses during the conference.

Questions can be directed to Zane Cerpina:
For more information about the biennale and other open calls visit:

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