Jessies Production Registration Form

Jessies-eligible productions must meet the following eligibility criteria:

1) COMPANIES: at least 51% of the applicable roles (see below) must be engaged under a professional form of contract or agreement (for example: CAEA/UdA/FIA) and be receiving the equivalent to the minimum fee of a CAEA Indie 2.2 contract.


2) COLLECTIVES: all artists must be receiving a share of net box office profits in a production where at least 51% of the applicable roles (see below) are filled by full members of CAEA/ACTRA/UdA/FIA member unions or other professional artistic associations.

Stage Managers
Assistant Stage Managers
Fight Directors

In productions meeting this criteria, all artists are eligible.

Members of a children’s chorus, as defined by the Canadian Theatre Agreement (definition below), do not factor into the Jessies’ 51% eligibility quota. CTA Definition: A “Children’s Chorus” is a group of six (6) or more children in a non-musical production or ten (10) or more children in a musical production, who appear as part of an ensemble, whose part is essentially that of a member of such group or ensemble, and is in no way individual in its character and/or necessary to the continuity of the plot. Children in such a group may speak a few lines, sing or do a dance routine.

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