☼ XR Salon: DECOLONIALATHON Afterglow ☼                                                   Participant Application
Join us for the ‘afterglow’ of the DECOLONIALATHON, an informal XR Salon to continue the conversation, meet folks, and share/see work!

➿ 🍕➿  Vibes, pizza, share work/see work! ➿ 🍕➿  

Share / See work:
✮ 10-15 min screen presentations (past / in progress work all welcome)
✮ 3 min verbal share We'll also leave some time for very short verbal shares (for anyone who has events to promote / fundraising / those seeking resources / other announcements)

Saturday, June 11th
@ 1pm  -  4pm.. ish!

900 W 34th St, Los Angeles, CA 90007
SCI 206 in the School of Cinematic Arts', at the University of Southern California (USC).

Map? tinyurl.com/54kf2df6 
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Please note there are limited slots!

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If you'd like to present work please have a USB (or) a link (or) your own HDMI compatible device to plug in.

If you'd like to watch remotely we'll share the Gather Town invite/instructions.

Questions? info@decolonizingar.design 
This event is hosted by: Biayna Bogosian, Jessy Escobedo, Sultan Sharrief & Selwa Sweidan! We're looking forward to seeing you!
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