BOLT 379 Member Sponsorship Application

The BOLT Sponsorship program offers financial assistance to workers in the bargaining unit who are willing to prove a commitment to joining the IBEW in order to receive some initial financial assistance from that endeavor. The funds for this Sponsorship come from BOLT fundraising efforts as well as personal contributions from IBEW/BOLT members.

Award Amount
• $99 to cover first two months dues, enrollment in the IBEW Pension, enrollment in Death Benefit Fund paid out of the BOLT Scholarship Fund.

Eligibility Requirements
• Applicant is a CE, CW or Apprentice classification who is currently employed with a signatory contractor
• Applicant has never been a member of the IBEW
• Applicant must agree to and meet the following requirements to receive the scholarship:
• Attend one general union meeting as a guest between application and award month
• Volunteer at one BOLT event between application and award month
• Submit a letter of sponsorship from a member of the local union, preferably from their Foreman, a JW they work closely with or an Officer of the Local.
• Prove good attendance at work
• Attend the union meeting where they will be sworn in before the body

Scholarship will be awarded to eligible candidates 4 times a year.
Awards will be made at March, June, September and December Union Meetings.
The deadline for each period is as follows:
December: deadline Sep 30th
September: deadline May 30th
June: deadline February 28th
March: deadline Nov 30th

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What does being a member of the IBEW mean to you?
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How has the IBEW LU-379 helped you so far?
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How do you plan to serve the local union as a member?
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I understand that in order to complete this process and have my Membership in IBEW LU-379 sponsored by BOLT, that I must complete all the requirements listed above. By completing this application, I am committing to that end goal. *
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