Beacon Conference Room Request Form
Guidelines for Beacon Conference Room (1406 Northwest Corner) Usage:

- The Beacon Conference Room holds up to 20 people. Fire code limits the entire 14th floor to no more than 28 people.

- Any and all catering must be set up within the conference room space only. The 1401 NWC lobby/reception area and 14th floor hallways must be kept clear at all times.

- After any meeting with 10+ people with a catering or food component a facilities request must be submitted to clean the conference room, kitchenette and restrooms. Please forward a copy of the facilities request to Brendan Feifer <bf2272> as this will be needed to confirm reservation. You can make the request here:

- Please be prepared to take any leftover food, otherwise facilities should be directed to discard the leftovers at the end of your meeting.

- Regular DSI business hours are 9AM-5PM. If you require before- or after-hours access to the suite please notify Brendan Feifer <bf2272> who can arrange.

- The Data Science Institute is not responsible for your tech or A\V needs. Please bring any and all materials required for your meeting. If you are not already familiar with it, kindly arrange a walk-through of the room's tech with Brendan Feifer <bf2272>.

- The Data Science Institute reserves the right to cancel any reservation, if required.

Please complete the below and the Operations Team at DSI will circle back with availability.

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