Club Trip Registration - July 2020
Registration covers all available dates in July. Once registrations are received, trips will be arranged based on the information provided by all interested participants.
Covid 19 Guidelines
- If you are unwell or suspect that you may have come in contact with someone who has Covid19, please do not attend any club trips
- Practice hygiene by using hand sanitiser regularly
- Ensure physical distance is maintained with other climbers
- Bring your own climbing rope and gear where possible to avoid sharing
- Avoid putting the rope or other items in your mouth whilst climbing
- Climb within your limits and avoid taking risks that may lead to pressure on the healthcare system
- Club trips will be limited in numbers to align with NSW Government restrictions
Name (first, last) *
E-mail address *
Home address and suburb *
Phone number *
Emergency contact details (name, phone number) *
Which weekend date(s) are you available to climb *
Check all that apply (note that club trips will only be run on 2-4 days per month, depending on level of interest)
Will you bring your helmet? (UIAA106/CE-EN12492 standards) *
For all Sydney Rockclimbing Club trips, a helmet is mandatory for all participants. Whether climbing, belaying, observing or any other activity at crags you must always wear your helmet. This is to avoid injury with falling rocks, carabiners or any other hazard and is an integral part of the insurance coverage provided to club members. You cannot share helmets amongst other participants and the club does not have spares - so best to visit your local climbing shop and pick one up well in advance
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