Sign up for Micro-Tribes! Connecting Through Authentic Community
The 4 Fold Purpose of Micro-Tribes is:
Provide a place of Connectivity
Discuss the Sunday Sermon
Ask the Four Questions of Discipleship
Pray and care for one another

Using the list below, select your First and Second Choices. Be sure to look at the key for the group specifications.

* - Starting Virtual but plan to expand to in person in the future
% - Always virtual
+ - Always in person
# - Has Childcare

Group 1: Tom and Sandy Gold, Virtually Thursday 7:00 PM Bi-Weekly, Sparta *
Group 2: Robin and Cindy Batchelor, Virtually Monday @ 6:30 PM Every Other-Week, Greenville *
Group 3: Dwight and Allyson Hudson, Virtually Wednesday @ 6:30 PM Every Other Week, Grand Rapids *
Group 4: Tiana Hawver, Virtually Monday @ 7:00 PM Every Other Week, Grand Rapids %
Group 5: Robert and Tracy Sanchez, Thursday @ 6:30 PM Every Other Week, Caledonia +#
Group 6: William and Deb Grutter, Virtually Monday @ 6:30 PM Every Other Week, Rockford *
Group 7: Terri Amann, Thursday @ 9:30 AM Weekly, Belmont *#
Group 8: Missy Lettinga, Virtually Monday @ 12:00 PM Weekly, Holland %
Group 9: Denise Rumsey, Virtually Monday @ 7:00 PM Weekly, Grand Rapids %

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