Plastic-Free YYC Volunteer Application
Plastic-Free YYC is a local Calgary organisation created to bring awareness about plastic pollution in our environment by providing local and global information to live a plastic free lifestyle

We are looking for community minded individuals, with strong communication skills and a passion for waste reduction. Your tasks could include: preparation of/day of workshop support, outreach events, or social media. Please indicate if you are applying for a specific position advertised.
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Please Read Carefully
• I acknowledge and hereby irrevocably authorize that, in the event of me being physically, bodily injured during any of my activities as a Plastic-Free YYC volunteer, Plastic-Free YYC shall be permitted to obtain copies of any of my relevant health records as it may request. I shall execute any authorization for Release of Health Records as Plastic-Free YYC considers necessary, and my failure to do so will result in the automatic suspension of any claim I may have. A claim will automatically terminate if I rescind a release.

• I hereby certify that I will make known to Plastic-Free YYC any Criminal Record (other than Traffic Violations) and the details of such conviction(s). Crimes for which official pardons have been granted pursuant to the Criminal Records Act R.S.C. 1970 need not be disclosed.

• I hereby give my permission to Plastic-Free YYC to use my photo/image when necessary for the purpose of anything related to Plastic-Free YYC.

• I hereby release Plastic-Free YYC from all responsibility that may occur as a result of my personal use of an automobile when volunteering for Plastic-Free YYC activities.

• I agree to carry out my assigned volunteer tasks in a reasonable and safe manner.

• I am aware that if my behavior while volunteering is found to be questionable or inappropriate by the Plastic-Free YYC Committee, I will be given a verbal warning. Should the behavior persist I will be provided a written warning followed by a request for my resignation.

• I am aware that Plastic-Free YYC does not provides insurance coverage for me while I perform volunteer duties with due care.

• I am aware that any events that I am involved in planning or implementing must be done with safety precautions in place and handled with due care.

• The personal information on this form will only be collected and shared under the authority of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FOIP) of the Province of Alberta, Section 32(c) and 33(1) (b2) and the Canadian Immigration Act Section 96.1-3. The purpose of collecting this information includes: determining eligibility for volunteer opportunities, programs, services, and recognition, to facilitate your registration process, to administer and evaluate our volunteers and programs, and statistical purposes. This information may be shared with other volunteers and Plastic-Free YYC Committee Members.
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