2017 Clinica Esperanza Volunteer Exit Interview
Thank you for donating your time, effort and funds to the important work of Clinica Esperanza. At Clinica Esperanza we attempt to make your experience one that you will take with you during your future career. We would, thus, appreciate an honest appraisal of the strengths and weakness of the program. We'd appreciate you taking the time to fill in this form. Please, share your views candidly and anonymously if you wish!
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Please make sure your e-mail is not a ".edu". We use this information to keep in contact with you and update you on what the clinic is doing
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1. I felt my orientation to the clinic and its mission was informative.
2. I received appropriate direction and guidance from the medical staff.
3. Auxiliary staff was available and provided support when needed.
4. My personal educational and growth objectives for this experience were achieved.
5. The housing arrangements are satisfactory.
6. I would reccomend this experience to others.
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