Twisted Hunt Fall 2021 - Beyond The Veil
Merchant Application

Be sure to fill out the entire application.
A couple of quick tips:

Double check the spelling of your store and contact name(s)! This data is added to our spreadsheets, the website merchant list, the merchant mailing list, and the sim access list for setup. So it is important that it is right.

PLEASE be sure to use actual avatar names NOT display names! In world search will not bring up your profile via your display name, and our mailer can not locate you to send merchant packages to you either.

Double check your slurl. If we can not find your store we can not accept your application!

If you move it is your responsibility to notify us of the new location. Stores that can not be located while checking applications are automatically denied (we will try a second time after 24 to 48 hours). We understand moving sometimes is unexpected, but we don't have time to chase down merchants who move and don't notify us.

Merchant Application Questions:
Store Name *
Slurl of Store *
Main Contact: *
Additional Contact(s) (Optional): Alts, Store Partners, Managers, and others who can be contacted in case of emergencies if you are not available. NOTE: These people will not be added to the mailer, if someone other than the main contact needs to be sent the merchant packages please indicate that in the additional comments at the end!
Store Description: (Give us an idea of what you sell, and yes we know some of you that's most anything and that is fine too!) *
Have you been in Twisted before? *
How did you hear about Twisted?
Do you plan to do a gacha *
Do you plan to have any extra fun at your location (other than a gacha)? (Note, by this we mean specifically things done along with Twisted for the hunt, not regular sale lists, other hunts, etc. Store mini hunts, mazes, puzzles, games etc are what we are looking for) If Yes, please describe the idea.
Have you read the rules and requirements completely and agree to follow them? is back up. *
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