Liberty Weekly Podcast Feedback!
Feedback from listeners of the liberty weekly podcast to improve the show.
How do you listen to the show?
How/Where did you first hear about the show?
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Do you feel that the show lacks a unifying theme or direction? Does this matter to you? Please briefly elaborate.
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Do you prefer scholarly episodes over guests?
Would you like to see bigger guests on the show? Do you think this will improve my reach?
If so, who would you like to see on the show?
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Do you watch the video podcasts or just the audio versions?
How long have you been listening to the show?
Does the show need better production/editing? More sound effects? Professional bumpers? Please explain.
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Does the show need a more normal release schedule? (ie: every sunday/thursday at x time) would this make it more convenient to listen?Explain?
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Do you have any additional suggestions for the show? (You won't hurt my feelings!)
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