Volunteer Confidentiality and Student Commitment Form
HUMAN RESOURCES - GENERAL Practice Statement 4530

Volunteer Confidentiality Commitment

Volunteer Confidentiality and Student Safety Commitment

Thank you for your willingness to serve as a school volunteer. Confidentiality and student safety are paramount within Elmbrook School District for staff and volunteers. As a volunteer in Elmbrook Schools, you are requested to be aware of and agree to the required expectations and responsibilities on confidentiality and safety, which are consistent with those for all district employees.
All Volunteers are expected to comply with the following:
• Maintain strict confidence about students and staff. This includes health issues, academic performance and behavior, school problems, and student records in any form. The access to records by a volunteer shall be limited to legitimate educational interests particular to the duty performed and under the supervision of a District employee acting as the volunteer's supervisor.
• Refrain from discussing school practices, individual students and personnel, or personal opinions regarding all children, adults, and situations observed while volunteering unless there is a legitimate educational interest to protect the safety interests of individuals in the school. If you have a specific concern, discuss it with the principal.
• Sign in and wear a designated volunteer badge when working in the Elmbrook Schools.
• Be alert to individuals who you do not recognize within the building and who are not wearing a name badge. Please insure that they return to the office to register appropriately.

Practice Statement
Date Approved: September 21, 2004 School District of Elmbrook
Revised: 1/2008, 3/2019 Brookfield, WI 53005
Reconfirmed: 5/2013, 2/2018

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