Rat Relay for Global Good 21.-23.3.2018
This is the Finnish registration form to Rat Relay, a global design thinking hackathon organized in the Design Factory Global Network. We will be solving globally nine real life challenges following a user-centered design process, with each challenge rotating through five Design Factories in Europe, the Americas and Australia. This form is for participating in the slots at Aalto Design Factory (Betonimienehkuja 5C, Otaniemi, Espoo).

Each six-hour slot starts with an introduction to the design thinking process and getting to know the challenge, goes on to try to hack the challenge with a special focus on one of the design thinking phases (empathy, reframing, ideation, prototyping, testing and pitching), and is finished with you passing on your work to the next team on the other side of the globe. The challenge Aalto Design Factory sends out to the world after Wednesday morning will return to us in Friday afternoon.

Rat Relay is open for the public, but we need you to sign up in advance to share the needed materials with you. You're welcome to join us in as many shifts as you like, from one to all six! Please note that you should be able to commit to the full six hours of your chosen slot(s):

❏ Slot 1: Empathize 8AM-2PM Wednesday 21.3.
❏ Slot 2: (Re)define 3PM-9PM Wednesday 21.3.
❏ Slot 3: Ideate 8AM-2PM Thursday 22.3.
❏ Slot 4: Prototype 3PM-9PM Thursday 22.3.
❏ Slot 5: Test 8AM-2PM Friday 23.3.
❏ Slot 6: Pitch it! 3PM-9PM Friday 23.3.

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