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What type of products/samples are tested in your lab? *
How many branches are there? *
How many technical lab persons are there?
Number of test parameters *
No of Tests which are currently being conducted at you lab.
Average number of samples registered per day
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How many type of reports do you need?
Give the number of reports with formatted templates expected from LIMS.
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Are you using any type of softwares for billing/accounts?
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Kindly mention 5 points which can be considered as the success criteria if we implement LIMS solution at your Lab. *
Brefly describe your key expectations from Enso-LIMS software.
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Where do you want to host this application? *
Minimum Configuration of server would beData back-up and storage capabilities. Equipped with RAM 4GB+ HDD 500GB+ Windows Server 2010 or higher. IIS 7 +
Do you have LAN network at your Lab?
Are the computers in lab interconnected through local area network?
What is your Man:Machine ratio?
How many users are there for one computer? Ex if total person in lab are 6 and there are 2 computers then the Man:Machine ratio is 3:1
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Define your priority for following features of LIMS *
Good to have
Not needed
Sample Management
Work Allocation & Monitoring Management
Lab Inventory Management
Instrument Calibration and Maintenance Management
Invoicing Module
Barcode Label Printing
Document Management (SOP, Methods, MSDS)
Integration with Tally/ERP or any other system
Sample Storage Management
Configurable Test Specification Management (Test Data Sheets with formulae)
Customer Portal
Mobile App for Customer
Mobile App for Staff
Custom reports
Instrument Interfacing (Possible if OEM grants data access, Need Tech Specs)
Sample Disposal Tracking
SMS/Email Integration for alerts
CRM/ Quotation Management Module
Integrated HR Management
Additional Branch
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