2021 Virtual Summer Bible Camp Registration Form
The 2021 Virtual Summer Bible Camp (SBC) hosted by the churches in DC, Dunn Loring, and Fairfax will be held this year during the week of June 28 - July 2, 2021. This camp is for families with children ages 3-12, and is a special week dedicated to learning about the Bible together as a family, by singing wonderful new songs! This year's topic will continue the Bible stories from the book of Matthew, and the theme is, "I Want To Be Good Ground (So God's Word Can Grow in Me!)." Registration is open through April 30, 2021. Children are encouraged to invite their friends.

The camp week will consist of one live daily singing session over Zoom, with pre-recorded videos for families to watch together on their own schedule. To make the videos special, we would like to include and highlight all the children participating in the camp (see more info below). Videos will be posted daily during the week on a password protected site.

TOPIC: Matthew (using Bible Story Songs vol. 2)
WHEN: Monday, June 28 - Friday, July 2, 2021
WHERE: In your home with your family (with daily live Zoom AM session - time TBD)
WHO: Children between ages 3-12 are welcome to register


FEE: There is no registration fee this year, but families are encouraged to purchase camp shirts for children and family members to wear during the week of Bible Camp. The cost per shirt is $10 (not including shipping) and will include a photo magnet for each family that will be mailed after the camp.

LINK TO PURCHASE CAMP SHIRTS: https://www.customink.com/g/sze0-00ce-4nvb

LINK TO PURCHASE MATTHEW BIBLE STORY SONGS CD: https://www.thebibletellsmeso.com/product-page/matthew-vol-2-cd

LINK TO PURCHASE ALBUM FOR DOWNLOAD: https://www.thebibletellsmeso.com/product-page/matthew-vol-2. (If you have an existing subscription to Amazon Prime Music Unlimited, Apple Music, or TheBibleTellsMeSo.com, the Matthew songs are included in those subscriptions and are free.)
Those registering without children as a Camp Helper can skip to the parent information section
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Summer Bible Camp will consist of pre-recorded videos for each day of the camp week, featuring a lesson, songs, memory verses, crafts, and activities. We would like to highlight participating children and families as much as possible (see example below). Please designate below whether you give permission for us to feature your child(ren) in the videos. The videos will be posted on a simple password-protected site.
SBC Video Examples
Media Release *
Pre-recorded videos and recorded Zoom sessions will be uploaded on a password-protected site the week of Bible Camp. While the primary audience will be families registered for the Bible Camp, friends of attendees who ask for access to the videos may be granted permission to access as well for the benefit of more families. We will never publicly share the videos on social media or other websites. We ask that all families cooperate with prescribed sharing policies and ask for permission before sharing. However, given the digital nature of the content, we cannot guarantee that we can prevent individuals from sharing content without permission.
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