Firefox startup crash investigation

Thank you for helping test experimental Firefox builds to try to help us diagnose your startup crash. For full instructions on how to do the testing, please see

To start, please download and run the file at . It will extract a folder with all the testing builds of Firefox.

Please try to open the respective firefox.exe -- sometimes listed as firefox (Application) in each of the folders (numbered 0 - 16). For example inside the 0 folder, double-click firefox0.exe. For each one, wait a minute or so to see if it starts or if it crashes and then fill out the questions below.

    Firefox 0
    Firefox 1
    Firefox 2
    Firefox 3
    Firefox 4
    Firefox 5
    Firefox 6
    Firefox 7
    Firefox 8
    Firefox 9
    Firefox 10
    Firefox 11
    Firefox 12
    Firefox 13
    Firefox 14
    Firefox 15
    Firefox 16
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    Thank you!

    Thank you for your help testing Firefox. This information will help us figure out what is causing the startup crashes in Firefox 10 and make sure it doesn't happen in Firefox 11. We'd like to send you a Firefox t-shirt for your patience and support. Please fill in the form below if you'd like us to do so.
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