St Augustine's Parish Survey
In last month’s pastoral letter, Father Frank Scott talked about the “new evangelization” and what it means practically in our lives as parishioners here at St. Augustine.

Parish Pastoral Council would like to have a sense of how parishioners view the efforts of the new evangelization and how it is working, or not working, in the Parish. We would also like to gather your comments and suggestions about how we should be moving forward in parish renewal. The results of this survey will help inform planning by your Parish Pastoral Council.

Survey Instructions
1. The survey is divided into six topics. Each topic has a brief description followed by some brief statements.
2. Please reflect on the statements provided and circle the words that best describe how you feel about each statement.
3. Each topic ends with an open-ended question that invites your comments and suggestions. If you need more room to write down your comments, please use a separate piece of paper.

4. Please return your completed survey no later than Friday, June 23rd in the box provided at the Baseline entrance, or return it to one of the ushers, who will deposit it in the box on your behalf.

5. For your reference, we have attached the Father Frank’s pastoral letter at the end of this survey.

1. Completed surveys are confidential.
2. Do not put your name on the survey unless you would like a personal response to your comments.
3. The general results of the survey will be shared back to the parish over the next few months.

Thank-you for taking the time to reflect upon and complete this survey.

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