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Co-op Cooking Chaos for 3-6
Too Many Cooks is a simple but strategic 3-8 player co-op party game where your team works together run a restaurant kitchen by trading with one another to get complex tasks done efficiently!

You will need at least 3 players, up to 6, each using their own device and be sitting together to play. The game is cross platform, so you can use a combination of Android and iOS devices.

We are so excited you're excited about the game and are pleased to announce we've entered full time development and will deliver T.M.Cooks to you as quickly as possible.

Please follow the instructions so we can send you updates about the game in the future - we're also just curious who you all are and how the news about the game is spreading ( 'cuz we're not doing that much of it at the moment! :O )

We're looking to send out the Beta early next year, with the release also being a few months after that!

As of now (November '18) we're 4 months into development *yay* thanks all for being patient!

How to Download(iOS)
** Too Many Cooks is entering Full Time Production and we will NO LONGER be giving out Testflights.
How to Download (Android)
** Too Many Cooks is entering Full Time Production and we will NO LONGER be handing out Android Builds.
Contact us...
...through @finifugu or!!

TOO MANY COOKS by Semone (Jai) Bunnag and Chris Li.

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