Estey Art "Sponsorship Support Request" for a Child:
The Estey Art Initiative wishes for our art program to be accessible to every child who needs art in their life. If you are a parent or guardian who would like to enrol your child in the 10 week after school art program however can only afford it with sponsorship support, please fill out the following request form.

Requests will be confidentially verified and reviewed with the child's school principal. Estey Art will be in contact with you to discuss your request as soon as we are able, prior to the start of the class.

Funding for sponsorship is very limited and based on donations. Please only request support if you are truly in need. We have payment plans and flexible options to support you as well.
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Have you read and understand the above? (If you decide that you would rather not request sponsorship support, but take advantage of our payment plan instead, please visit to register your child and select instalments when paying.) *
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Class Terms: Our art program is a fun and busy learning environment that needs cooperation from students to succeed. We do not tolerate any disrespect towards our teachers and other students. We expect each child to use our materials as instructed and to treat them properly. As guests in the classroom we also know not to disturb anything where our lessons are held and not to cause disruptions to teachers still working during art class time. Do you feel your child is able to abide by these rules? *
Special Needs: Does your child have any special needs that we should be aware of? *
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Address: What is the address of the parent/guardian? This is solely for registration purposes if the child's sponsorship request is successful. *
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Request: Estey Art's 10 week after school art program is actually valued at $325. We charge $185+hst or less for a child to attend. With your sponsorship request, please guide us on how much support you are requiring for your child to be able to attend. (Your request is not guaranteed but will help guide our review and discussion with the school principal) For example: "I am able to pay $150 towards my child's fee" or "I can only afford 50% off the program fee this year". *
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