Come and bitch with babe in NYC 💅
We're inviting 6 of you babes to come bitch with us in our office! Apart from our daily across-the-table gossip, a few times a month the entire babe team gathers in our meeting room to bitch about our lives. From our roommates having sex too loud and wanting to confront our best friend but not knowing how, to even asking the super serious questions about our vaginas you don’t even want to google. We get it all out and we get each other through it, and then we turn it into fire content for you guys. And now we want you to come join us in one of our bitch sessions.

We’re offering two dates over the next couple months where 6 of you get to come to our Brooklyn office and bitch it out over some snacks.

Location: Brooklyn, New York City. Time: 5pm.

- Snacks!
- Babe merch
- Your name forever on the babe board
- Truly amazing advice from babes who have their lives totally figured out!

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