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Let me help you take your idea and turn it into SOLID, beautiful printed product in your hands!! This course is best suited for Christian women who really want to make a planner, devotional or journal. (can also be a custom workbook or hybrid product)

Serious applicants, only. Please don't apply if you are not 100% ready to invest 1-3 hours per week start dreaming and learning!

What we cover inside of Print School: 
- Step-by-step ideation of your idea into a prototype
- Take your idea out of your head and into your hands
- All your design & material options to make your luxury product 
- How to ensure your design is beautiful, functional, and high quality
- How to Print with excellence (and save $$!!!) 
- You get access to my printer / manufacturer
- How to hire a designer or DIY the design!
- Three design templates to get you started
- How to sell on amazon!
- How to outsource fulfillment and distribute to customers. 

**$200 Sample Credit (we pay for your sample!) 
**Twice a month group coaching calls! 
**Wonderful Print School student community! 
**LAUNCH SCHOOL! ($2,500 Value) 

What we cover inside of Launch School: 
- How to do a successful paper product launch successfully! 
- My pre-sale strategy of your project to fund the printing costs! 
- Sale + marketing copy 
- Email + SMS marketing strategies 
- How to build your website and product page in Shopify

If you are ready to take your idea off the back burner and start making it come to life - this is the PATH FOR YOU.

Hey Friend! I am so looking forward to reviewing your application! I want to honor my God-given calling by vetting each student who joins. It took me 9 years to learn how to do this process as efficiently as possible and I want to ensure I am passing this training into the right hands. Please fill out the questions below in as much detail as possible. Serious applicants only.
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What's your beautiful name? (FIRST) *
What is your email address? (please double check spelling!)  *
How did you hear about Print School? 
Would love to check you out! Share your social media links and website if applicable. 
Tell me about what you do?! Tell me all the things.
What type of product are you wanting to make FIRST! (I know you might want to make all the things.. but let's start with the FIRST one you want to make)  *
Ok.. Who are you wanting to create this product for? Do you have a particular audience 'type' you think would love it?  Please share! 
It's ok if you don't know yet!! Sometimes this is simply a reflection of YOU. You are likely to be your own target audience. (ie. christian women, christian women with lupus, Stay at home moms, moms with grown adult children, Cancer warriors.... who are you making this for?
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