TEA Site Facilitator Application & Agreement
Myron B. Thompson Academy is an accredited online-hybrid public charter school. The Thompson Extension Academy (T.E.A.) was developed in 2007 to address student need within the public school system throughout the State of Hawai‘i. This program is offered to secondary students enrolled at DOE or Charter schools at no cost to the student, family, or regional school and is entirely funded by Myron B. Thompson Academy.

TEA Policies and Procedures Revisions as of July 28, 2015:
• The TEA Site Facilitator is the primary point-of-contact for TEA at a regional school
• The online forms must be used to register all students (NO registration requests will be accepted through email)
• TEA Site Facilitators may be issued a CANVAS account to view the tutorial videos in order to better help their students with the online learning experience.
• All communication with MBTA's TEA Director shall be via email.
• TEA is not to be used to carry the full credit load of a student. Students must be enrolled full-time at their regional school.
• Requested courses are not confirmed until enrollment lists are posted via GoogleSheets.
• TEA can accommodate SPED/504 students to an extent, however, the regional school shall be responsible for their required services.
• Students going on leave/vacation must notify their TEA Site Facilitator, who will then notify the TEA Director and Teacher.
• If a TEA Site Facilitator requires leave from his/her duties, the TEA Director must be notified in writing (email is sufficient) immediately, and a secondary point-of-contact must be established and trained prior to that leave time.
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TEA Site Facilitator
The TEA Site Facilitator is the primary point-of-contact for TEA at a regional school.

By completing this form, you agree to and authorize the following TEA Site Facilitator Agreement:

"I, the undersigned, have been granted permission by the appropriate school official to act as the sole point-of-contact, hereafter referred to as TEA SITE FACILITATOR, for all students from my regional school who participate in Myron B. Thompson Academy’s Extension (T.E.A.) Program for this school year.
As the TEA Site Facilitator, I understand that Myron B. Thompson Academy will not assume liability for course credit being denied by my regional school. By submitting registration requests to Myron B. Thompson Academy’s T.E.A. Program, I certify that, our administration and the students’ parents/guardians will approve and support student’s participation in MBTA’s TEA Program and agree to accept and apply the resulting credit to the student’s transcript.
The most current policies and procedures for the T.E.A. Program have been explained to me, and I agree to view the online training videos in CANVAS. I agree to the terms of participation set forth by the Myron B. Thompson Academy, and this document will serve as my formal request to participate in the T.E.A. Program as the TEA Site Facilitator for the school named below."
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