BrazenWoman Contributor & Editorial Information

Thanks for your interest in writing for BrazenWoman!

Before you fill out the information, we'd like to tell you about who we are, and what types of contributions we are looking for. That way, you will know if you're still interested before we get excited about you!

WHO ARE WE? is a lifestyle site for women 35+ who know what they want and are ready to go out and get it. At, we are a woman’s best friend. We know that women over 35 shop for the same jeans and lip gloss, eat at the same restaurants, drink the same cocktails, and go to the same gyms as younger women, but they are are tired of reading articles written in a voice they can't relate to.


The Brazen Woman is the same woman she was at 25, only smarter and more discerning. She wants higher end products and experiences, presented in a fun, smart, lighthearted voice. She's looking for the inside track on how to enjoy all the best that life has to offer. She doesn't want to talk about kids all the time, or she doesn't have any, and so, BrazenWoman is a kid-free zone.


We share the most up-to-date and up-and-coming products and experiences in a lighthearted, positive, unbiased, excited, casual, sassy tone, always with our friend's best interests at heart. Imagine how you'd talk if you were dishing over a glass of wine.

We are big on recommendations – giving the scoop about what we’ve tried and liked or have heard is great.

Beware, though. We are not telling our life story – we talk about our own lives as they relate to the product or experience. (How did you find it? What is it for? Why is it great? How does it change/enhance your life?)

BrazenWoman is NOT a storytelling site.


Short & direct posts – between 300-400 words (our busy women are probably reading on a mobile phone!)
Get to the point (after a fun intro)
Tell the product/experience story – what it is and why we love it
Have fun, stay positive - which includes humor/sarcasm/sass
Promote what we like/believe in by sharing/giving the inside scoop
Steer toward the finer side of life/stay upmarket – our readers are more mature and appreciate the best of
Be honest – if you don’t like something, say so, but try to find the benefits first
Steer clear of judgment, preaching, negativity – my way is the only way


You have expertise or experience in your subject matter
You have a fun and entertaining writing style
You're full of ideas
You like to hunt down the freshest, most interesting nuggets of information. You've got your eyes and ears open for what's new and exciting
MOST IMPORTANTLY: You believe in the concept of BrazenWoman


BEAUTY: makeup, skin care, hair
FASHION: clothes, accessories, trends
FITNESS: training, running, yoga, new trends, experiences
HEALTH: nutrition, staying healthy from the inside out
FOOD: new products, trends, fabulous finds, interesting food news, exclusive recipes (like if a restaurant shares)
DRINK: cocktails, wines, drink trends, seasonal, non-alcoholic, signature drinks, food & drink pairings
TRAVEL: spa-travel reviews, experiences, spa reviews and experiences
ENTERTAINMENT: of-the-moment celeb gossip and news, TV round-ups, movie reviews and recos, commentary
RELATIONSHIPS: sex advice, news, books, tips, sex therapy
HOME/LIFE: house and home, decor, and anything else that fits in general life

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