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WHO ARE WE? is a lifestyle site for women 35+. We are a woman’s best friend and we're all about sharing—recommendations, advice, experiences. We've hit that age where we are tired of reading articles written by kids, and we don't want to talk about our kids either.


The Brazen Woman needs some time for herself. She can do the mom thing elsewhere. This is about you and what makes you happiest, whether that's a great hair product that keeps your curls in place, a new tech trend you didn't know about, a TV show or exercise regimen you never heard of, a sex toy that's taking women to new heights, and the list goes on...


We share the most up-to-date and up-and-coming products and experiences in a lighthearted, positive, unbiased, excited, casual, sassy tone, always with our friend's best interests at heart. Imagine how you'd talk if you were dishing over a glass of wine.

We are big on recommendations – giving the scoop about what we’ve tried and liked or have heard is great. How did you find it? What is it for? Why is it great? How does it change/enhance your life?

We also have a Collective section, where we tell personal stories. So if you've got a story to share, one that will make other women nod and maybe laugh and/or cry, let us know.


Fun, inspirational, informative posts – between 600-900 words
Start with a fun, fresh, funny, sassy intro
Tell the product/experience story – what it is and why we love it
Have fun, stay positive - which includes humour/sarcasm/sass
Promote what we like/believe in by sharing/giving the inside scoop
Steer toward the finer side of life/stay upmarket – our readers are more mature and appreciate the best of
Be honest – if you don’t like something, say so, but try to find the benefits first


You have expertise or experience in your subject matter
You have a fun and entertaining writing style
You're full of ideas
You like to hunt down the freshest, most interesting nuggets of information. You've got your eyes and ears open for what's new and exciting
MOST IMPORTANTLY: You are brazen


BEAUTY: makeup, skin care, hair
FITNESS: training, running, yoga, new trends, experiences
HEALTH: nutrition, staying healthy from the inside out
FOOD: new products, trends, fabulous finds, interesting food news, exclusive recipes
DRINK: cocktails, wines, drink trends, seasonal, non-alcoholic, signature drinks, food & drink pairings
TRAVEL: spa-travel reviews, experiences, spa reviews and experiences
ENTERTAINMENT: TV round-ups, movie reviews
RELATIONSHIPS: sex advice, news, books, tips, sex therapy
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