New student Application for Admission
Thank you for your interest in our program. At this time our summer camp is full for summer 2023. Please complete an application for the 2023-24 school year. Summer camp applications will open January 1, 2024. 

Parents can enroll their student throughout the year as needed. We will set up education assessments with parents where home supports, accommodations, and IEP measures will be set up for each child.

This application is for Spring, Summer and Fall individual classes, after school care and half and full day programs. Please complete all required questions ( marked with red asterisk) as they are important in our learning about your child and family's needs and interests. If there are special considerations including Financial need, please list these on the application. (Required questions have an asterisk beside them).

Only Full Day (2-5 days/week) students for Fall and Spring semesters need to complete the Education and Home Support Education Form, found on the main menu, after receiving confirmation of enrollment letter. This assessment will help your child's transition to HopeWell and help parents transition the lessons and educational and life skills supports on the days students are not on campus.

To complete registration for your child or young adult, first month of tuition and supply fees will need to be paid once their confirmation of enrollment is received by email in order to hold space for them.

HopeWell campus location: 1205 Broadmoor Drive Bryan Texas 77802

Day Programs: $75/day
Summer: Jun. - Aug., Mon. Through Fri. 10am-3pm 
Fall & Spring: Sept. -  May,  Mon. through Sat. 10am-3pm

Before and After School Care: $15/hour 

Holiday & School.Break Camp 10-3pm: $75/day

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Student's Name *
Student's Date of Birth *
Current Grade *
Student lives with, please detail ages of any siblings
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Mother's Name *
Mother's Email *
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Hobbies or interests to share with school or students
Emergency contact 1 Name *
Emergency Contact 1 Phone number *
If you home school what led your family to home schooling? *
Does your child attend a co-op or other classes? Detail
Does your child attend alone?
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Has your child experienced any incidences or challenges while attending other classes? *
Has your child completed a complete evaluation and/or formal diagnosis? If so, please provide each evaluation results, diagnosis, all treatments and medications (including dosage and times taken), and providers contact information. *
What goals, hopes or intentions do you have for your child this year *
What is your child's best method of communication? *
What would you say is your child's gift, dream for their future and greatest challenge? *
Does your child have an educational or behavioral plan? Please detail *
How would you describe your child's knowledge/relationship with God and Jesus? Have they accepted Christ as their Savior?
Which programs are you interested in? *
What program or school does your child currently attend? Please include name and address.  *
For Fall & Spring Semesters only: which program days would you like to register your child for?
Which days a week will your child attend our program  *
Which Summer Enrichment days Mon. to Fri. 10 AM to 3 PM (additional Before & After hours  $15 an hour).
Which Summer Enrichment Week(s) are you registering for? Please list which weeks in June, July and August you would like to enroll your child and if after care is needed. 
Which summer enrichment special interest selection  
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Which Semesters are you applying for? *
Does your family have a financial need that could preclude your child from attending our program? If so, please provide details on the financial hardship, what percentage of scholarship is needed and for what duration of time. Due to the needs of families and our limited scholarship fund, scholarships are available on a percentage basis discount and are based on the total family income and members. Income documentation will be needed to qualify for financial aid based scholarships.
How did you learn about HopeWell? *
If you have further questions you would like us to address, please list here
Please list other siblings attending HopeWell *
Is there any other information you would like to share with us about your child?
Are there organizations or businesses you would like us to contact to provide a brochure or a flyer to? Please provide name and contact information
Are there any specific field trips you would like us to schedule for our students? Please detail
By typing my name below I indicate that I understand that classes sizes are kept small and spaces are limited. The classes I have registered for will be set aside for my child once I have paid the deposit for the semester or for the week(s) for summer enrichment program. I will submit my deposit for fall and spring semesters at least one month before that term begins. I understand that summer enrichment spaces are also limited and in order to reserve a space for my child I agree to submit payment for my child's week(s) within one week of applying. *
By typing my name below I indicate that I understand that there is a semester supply fee of $75 for partial week and after school camps and $145 supply fee for full week students and this must be paid before my child can attend programs and classes. *
By typing my name below I indicate that I understand that for Fall, Spring, after school camp, and Summer Enrichment Camp, there will be additional activity fees for field trips, that I will need to pay for before the day of each trip.  Additionally I indicate my agreement to submit my child's activity/supply fee for each special interest I have chosen for my child and I will submit these with my deposit. *
For 2-5day full day enrollment for Fall and Spring Semesters Only: once I have received a letter of enrollment for my child, I will complete the online Education and Home Support Assessment form to help my child transition to HopeWell. This is a one time consult that will include a personalized IEP for my child and program for any additional educational and life skill supports needed at home and school. By typing my name below I agree to complete this form within a week of receiving my child's enrollment notification. *
HopeWell Classical Day School Release Form  I Release, Discharge, Waiver and Hold Harmless Agreement Medical Attention *I hereby authorize any staff member and/or adult sponsor who may be supervising or directing any activity sponsored by HopeWell, to authorize medical treatment, including but not limited to emergency surgery. I agree to assume liability for any and all costs and expenses incurred, including medical and dental costs, and that HopeWell Classical Day School, its board members, employees and parent volunteers  are not responsible or liable for. This agreement also applies to all companies and all staff members associated with field trips. (By typing your full name in the space below, you agree to this statement.) *
Liability Release *I understand that the risk of injury from any recreational and work activity is possible, including, but not limited to, the potential for permanent paralysis and death. While my child's BIP and IEP, particular rules, equipment, and personal discipline may reduce this risk, the risk of serious injury does exist. I knowingly and freely assume all risks, both known and unknown, even if arising from negligence, and assume full responsibility for my child's participation and observing of such recreational and work activities. I do hereby release, forever discharge, and covenant to hold harmless HopeWell Classical Day School,  its board members, and parent volunteers, and its staff, from any and all liability, claims or demands for personal injury, sickness and death, as well as property damage and expenses, of any nature whatsoever while participating in any event sponsored by HopeWell Classical Day School. This agreement also applies to any and all activities on or off HopeWell's campus. (By typing your full name in the space below, you agree to this statement. *
I understand that in order to assist my child receiving proper supports and to help  safeguard my child, I have provided complete information regarding my child's emotional, mental and physical health needs. I also agree to administer any and all medications my child may need before school and Camp sessions. If at any time my child receives additional diagnosis or there are changes or missed medications, while my child is enrolled in programs at Hopewell, I will inform the director before my child attends the next session. (By typing your full name in the space below, you agree to this statement.) *
Media Release. I hereby grant permission for HopeWell Classical Day School to publish pictures containing images, but not names, of my children on the website and in HopeWell documents to promote the functions of this school. I understand these images will be available in the public domain through the internet. Names and other identifiers will NOT be used to identify people in any published pictures. *
Permission to Participate  *I hereby grant permission for my child to participate fully in any and all events and/or activities that are a part of any program or activity on campus for HopeWell Classical Day School. (By typing your full name in the space below, you agree to this statement.) *
I acknowledge and agree that I have listed all diagnosis information, medications and treatments my child receives in this application. By typing my name below, I confirm agreement that if my child is currently taking any medications or treatments, I will administrator them as prescribed by their physician each day my child is attendance at HopeWell and further acknowledge that if my child has missed their medication treatment, my child cannot attend HopeWell until such time they have received needed medications and treatments. *
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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