"Star Stuff" Challenge
Be the first person to correctly guess the exact number of stars inside "Rainbow in a Jar" to win a tube of "Lucky Stars"! Both art pieces are in the glass display case on the first floor of Eccles Health Sciences Library (EHSL) for the duration of the exhibit (March 8 - April 7).

* Challenge is open to everyone for the duration of the exhibit, but keep in mind that prize must be claimed in person by the winner or winner's designated representative.
* Please submit your answer below. Email will be used for notification only and no other purpose.
* One entry per person. Once submitted, entry cannot be withdrawn and resubmitted. Submitting multiple guesses/entries will disqualify all entries by the same person.
* First person to guess correctly will be named the sole winner at the end of the exhibit period.
* Winner can choose any one tube of Lucky Stars to take home.
* Prize must be claimed in person by April 21, 2017 at 5PM MT or will be considered forfeit.

Thank you for participating! For questions/concerns/inquiries, please come see me in room 112.
- S.A.Z.

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Rainbow in a Jar
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