20th St. Block Party Vendor Application - 2021
The 20th Street Block Party is back! With 20k smiling faces through the gates last year we couldn't be more excited for what this year will bring. Tie your shoe laces, apply that sunscreen, and throw on your favorite tank top because this is one event that can't be missed. We are currently gathering information about potential vendors for this event and would love to hear from you. Please tell us what you're all about below!

**If you are interested in being a sponsor of the Block Party, please email (sponsors@noisepop.com)**
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Do you have any special needs or requests? Noise Pop does NOT provide tables or chairs, but MAY be able to arrange 120v power for a fee.
If you are a tented food vendor, please list the cooking equipment you would need to bring (ex. 2 steam tables, 1 double basket fryer).
Noise Pop, does not participate in the construction, or assembly of, the Individual Vendor’s Exhibit. Noise Pop, provides space only at the event. Cancellation of Event: If weather, acts of God, or other circumstances beyond the control of Noise Pop causes the event to be canceled, participation fees will not be returned.The Vendor hereby indemnifies Noise Pop its Agents, Employees, and the Client, its Agents, and Employees, and holds them harmless from any and all claims, including costs and attorney’s fees resulting from, or arising out of, said Vendor’s participation in this event. For the purposes of this agreement, the term “participation” shall include, but not be limited to, the delivery of equipment, merchandise, structures, and products to their designated location, the set up and display of any such structure and products, and the dismantling and removal of all such items from the area provided by or through the Producer or its agents, employees, or the Client or its agents and employees.
I have read and understand these terms (sign name below)
Each vendor will receive an invoice via email. You will be able to pay that invoice either by check or via credit card. Those details will be outlined in the emailed invoice.

All confirmed vendors will be required to submit a 20% deposit within one week of acceptance. Payment instructions will be emailed upon acceptance.
Submitting this form does not guarantee your participation in the event. Thank you for your interest!
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