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We're so glad that your looking into our catering options!

Our onigiri or riceballs and bubble tea drinks make a great catering options for people of all ages and of all professions! Whether it's for a party your hosting or a meeting for your organization we have plenty of options to choose from to satisfy everyone's unique cravings.

Be the life of the party by bringing Yaya's to your next gathering and holiday celebration!

Complete the form to the best of your ability. We will contact you to confirm the details and to make any adjustments necessary, along with a quote for your catering order.

Pick up is preferred, however depending on your proximity, we may be able to accommodate to delivering with an additional fee.

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To place an order, check out our menu on our website. List the items you would like to have at your party/meeting and the amount you desire for each. Please also note in this section if anyone in your party has allergies. NOTE: Depending on the circumstances, some items may not be available.
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