Bunker Hills Senior Men's League (BHSML) May 2020 Member Survey
We are surveying members regarding 2020 changes in BHSML communications; Use of the BHSeniorGolf.com website; satisfaction with League Play,, and your ideas for improving the League. Thank you for taking the time to complete this short survey.
We have invested a several methods to improve communications with League members. On a scale of 1 (Poor) to 5 (Great), how effective are our new methods (emails and website)?
What method do you get most of your league information?
What Information are you looking for when we communicate with you
What improvements in league communications would you recommend?
Your answer
Have you used our new website BHSeniorGolf.com?
If you answered that you have not used the site, what can we do to help you start using the site as your primary source of League information?
Your answer
If you have used the website, please indicate which functions you have used.
Please give us a satisfaction score for each major function of the website
Needs Improvement
Very Satisfied
Have not used
Tee Time Request
Scoring on USGA site
Registration for the League
Member Information
Access to league information
Website User Guide, Scoring Video
Agenda, Minutes, and League Finances
How can we improve the website?
Your answer
How can we improve the League this year?
Your answer
What long-term improvements (beyond 2020) would you like to see?
Your answer
Do you have ideas we could use to increase membership and interaction in the League?
Your answer
Bunker Hills has revised it payment procedures on the day of play (credit card only). Has the no-cash, no-check policy impacted you negatively?
Scheduling: Bunker Hills has gone to a 9 minute gap between tee times. Do you generally experience back-up of play with this gap?
Bunker Hills has a 4:15 standard for pace of play. What is your group normal pace of play?
What time do you usually tee off ?
Carts, Have you had any difficulty renting a cart during league play?
Do you have any suggestions for Bunker HIlls concerning their Covid-19 or other changed procedures?
Your answer
Would you like a board member to contact you to discuss your response to this survey?
If the answer to the above question is yes. Please enter your name and phone number. A board member will contact you within two weeks.
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