Kunga Programs Scholarship Application
Thank you for your interest in In Balance Yoga’s scholarship program.
The scholarships that are currently available are through our affiliation partnership with Kunga Yoga. This application contains information for you to understand how our scholarship process works along with
application deadlines.
The intention of the scholarship fund is to make Kunga Yoga Programs available to individuals seeking to enhance their practice on & off their mat, regardless of their financial situation.
Currently, In Balance Yoga is offering two different types of scholarships based on students’ needs and their vision within their community; Needs-Based Scholarships & Kunga Community Scholarships.
Please complete the following information section for your scholarship application.
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Dates of teacher training you wish to attend:
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Do you have any special needs or requests that we should be aware of?
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Please Mark which offerings you have taken at In balance Yoga
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Needs-Based Scholarships: These scholarships are given to those who may need support due to their current financial situation. These are not rewarded to everyone but are available to those whose base income reflect the table below:
Please include any additional information for us to base your needs-based scholarship off of. Include any extraordinary expenses, large debts, or special circumstances. If your annual income exceeds the levels listed above but you would still like to apply for a needs-based scholarship, please give us additional information regarding your exception below. There are one needs based scholarships granted per training.
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Kunga Yoga Scholarships
This scholarship was created by the Kunga family to support those who wish to use their
training as a means through which to reach underserved populations. If you wish to apply for a
Kunga Community Scholarship, then be sure to complete the following section. These
scholarships are for those who envision themselves giving back to the community through free
or donation based yoga, and educational programs for underserved populations. There is 1
Kunga Community scholarship available per training.
What special population, group, or community can you see yourself working with through this program?
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Why would you like to work with this special population, group or community?
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Do you currently work with this special population, group or community?
Do you have prior experience (professional/volunteer) working with this special population, group, or community? When & where?
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