Black Farmers Hemp Farming Questionnaire
Agricademy Labs LLC is gathering information from black farmers who have either farmed or plan to transition into farming hemp in the future. Agricademy Labs LLC., a subsidiary of Agricademy Inc., is a commercial laboratory that focuses on offering specialty, highly profitable starter plants to small scale farmers and growers at a market competitive price. In the near future new products and services will be available in entomology, hydroponics, aquaponics and automation. All information is confidential in this questionnaire.

Thank you,
Co-founders of Agricademy Labs LLC.
Nadia Ruffin, MS
Chandler Glover-

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Are you a new or experienced farmer? *
If you are a new farmer, do you intend to grow hemp this season if your state allows it?
Do you have a hemp cultivator, processor or dealer license? If yes, which of the licenses do you have?
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Have you grown hemp since its legalization in 2014?
If you grew hemp, what strain(s) did you grow and how many acres?
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What was your intended reason for growing hemp?
Did you start from seeds or started plants?
Did your plants stay at or below the 0.3% THC limit set for hemp?
Can you explain any hardships or difficulties you experienced during your hemp grow season(s)?
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Will you be growing hemp again this and subsequent years?
After harvest did you make any value added products with your hemp? If yes, what product(s) did you make?
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