DroneCamp Online 2020 - Workshops
Instructors: Kindly use this form to enter / update information about your workshop at DroneCamp Online 2020. The online agenda and 'Workshop Descriptions' page on the website will be generated from this info. You can come back and update your workshop info AS OFTEN AS NEEDED using the "edit link" sent to you.

Remember to hit the 'Submit' button at the very bottom to submit your info.

If you have any questions or problems, contact Andy Lyons or Sean Hogan.
Workshop Title *
'Workshop' is used in a broad sense, including everything from instructional presentations to hands-on exercises.
Workshop Short Blurb
A short blurb that will appear under the title (aim for 75-150 characters). For example, "Learn how to detect features in your images using machine learning"
Workshop Description
No limit but suggest you aim for 200 words or less. Basic HTML tags are allowed.
Workshop Format *
Select the option that *best* represents the session format. Select 'NA' to omit entirely.
Instructor #1 - Name *
Name of the primary instructor, or 'NA' if not applicable.
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Email of the primary instructor. (Will be used to send a confirmation email, not published on the website).
Instructor #2 - Name
Instructor #2 - Email
Instructor #3 - Name
Instructor #3 - Email
If there is another workshop you want participants to go to first, or basic skills needed, please summarize here. Otherwise leave blank.
Max Number of Participants
Leave blank if none
Software Needed
If participants will need software (installed on the workstations or their personal laptop), please list here
Personal Laptops
Aside from viewing on Zoom, do participants need laptops to participate?
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Additional Instructions to Participants
E.g., software installation instructions, apps to download, etc.
In this section, enter URLs for slides, handouts, data, etc. These links will appear on the DroneCamp online agenda.
Resource #1 - Name
e.g., 'slides', 'handout', 'data', etc.
Resource #1 - URL
Please make sure the URL is accessible to anyone with the link.
Resource #2 - Name
e.g., 'slides', 'handout', 'data', etc.
Resource #2 - URL
Please make sure the URL is accessible to anyone with the link
Resource #3 - Name
e.g., 'slides', 'handout', 'data', etc.
Resource #3 - URL
Please make sure the URL is accessible to anyone with the link
Resource #4 - Name
e.g., 'slides', 'handout', 'data', etc.
Resource #4 - URL
Please make sure the URL is accessible to anyone with the link.
Additional Resources (markdown)
Enter as [resource-name](url). Separate resources with line returns.
Assignment for Students - Name
IF you have an assignment that students can complete for credit (optional), please enter the name. Example: Final map, Quiz, Exercise
Assignment for Students - URL
This section should be completed by an Administrator (everyone can scroll to the bottom and click 'Submit')
Pre-Registration Required
If there's a hard cap, we can require participants to register / RSVP for the workshop. NOT IN USE - IGNORE.
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Pre-Registration List (URL)
Date & Time
Enter the date-time code for the FIRST offering of the workshop
Enter a track number number or leave blank
Zoom URL
Zoom Facilitator
Name of the facilitator for the Zoom session
Enter tag(s) separated by commas. These are not subject matter tags, but rather tags for the website generator.
Evaluation Form URL
Thumbnail Image URL
Please make sure the thumbnail image URL is accessible to anyone with the link (i.e., Google Drive doesn't work). Image width should not exceed 250-300 pixels.
Ready to go on the DroneCamp website
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Ready to go on the DroneCamp Program
Select 'yes' if this is ready to go on the program (https://dronecamp.github.io/2020/)
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Recorded Video - URL
Recordings will be shared with participants (only) via Zoom. If / when the recording is ready to put on YouTube, enter that link here.
Recorded Video - OK to Release
Recordings will be released to DroneCamp participants (only) via Zoom within a day. In addition to that, if the presenter consents recordings will be shared on YouTube by Sept 2020. If you do not wish to be recorded, please contact Andy Lyons or Sean Hogan.
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Confirmation Email
Please enter who should receive the confirmation email for this workshop update. An administrator will also be notified on all updates.
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