Madivas(Formerly FashionPoliceNigeria) is Recruiting For The Position Of Female Content Associate
This is a Job application for the role of content associate with - a portal to engage women with lifestyle, fashion, marriage etc
Duties :
Submit organic post daily ( including Saturdays and Sundays.) with engaging pictures.
This post should be well researched and properly align with the interest of target readers.
This post should be self written and not copied from any online source. The pictures however can be copied.
A post should contains 400-500 words with at least 3 quality pictures to match.
Topics for the content would be centered around fashion with specifics on weddings in Nigeria, Ankara/Asoebi, Trending Shoes and Hair Style, relationships etc.

Writer must reside in Lagos with proximity to Yaba. Writers with a laptop would have added advantage

Competitive with industry standard!

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