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I am Donna Nissfolk a fully qualified teacher with over 20 years’ experience. I have a Bachelors in Education from Cambridge University and a Masters in Drama Education. I enjoy bringing my teaching and learning alive in the classroom with fun, hands on, practical activities. I am excited to continue teaching English to the children at Elevverket.
I will differentiate the learning within the classes so all children will feel success at their own level.

Course Information 

Classes start on Monday 21st August 2023 until June 4th 2024. 

Classes run on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday 
F-Class English classes start at 13:45 for 45minutes.
All other group classes start at 14.35 onwards.

First term starting week 34 and finishing week 50, no classes week 44.
Second term starting week 3 and finishing week 23, no classes week 9 and 14.

Cost SEK 7900 for the academic year 2023-24  or 4300 SEK per term (including 25% moms)

This includes English tuition, reading and writing resources, homework, rental of class room, 1-1 feedback on child's progress.

Contact details:
Email: donnanissfolk@gmail.com 
Mobile: 0707967693
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