OWbN Camarilla Email List
Fill out this form to join the One World By Night (OWbN) Camarilla International List, the email list for Camarilla characters in OWbN.

You will need to provide information about yourself, your chronicle, your character, and your character's relationship to the Camarilla. You may also fill this form out on somebody else's behalf if they have your authorization. This usually means that you are a Storyteller or Coordinator filling the form out on behalf of one of your players or NPCs.

Any character you are signing up should be in good standing with the Camarilla either through lawful practice or tricky means.

Feel free to submit an incomplete form if you get stuck on certain questions. Email owbncamlistmanagers@googlegroups.com if you have any questions about your submission.
Out of Character Information
Player Name *
Your real name, or name you prefer to go by in person
Contact Email *
Email address to add to the Camarilla list, and as a point of contact if there are any questions or concerns about your submission
Chronicle Name
The full name of the OWbN chronicle your character is associated with
Chronicle Storyteller Email *
Email address to contact the storyteller's responsible for the character you're filling this form out for
Type of Character
Clear selection
Is your PC actually Camarilla or are they attempting to sneak on to the list in some other fashion?
This knoweldge will not be garnered IC. If you are attempting to infiltrate, the Managers need to understand how and we'll work the details out with your Storytellers.
Clear selection
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