SFS Whistleblower Form
Thank you for bringing your concern forward. We understand that 'care for the community' and 'trust of the organization' has brought you to this form. We will exercise due care with each report and work to bring positive changes from the information provided.

Confidentiality is important at SFS. All reports, especially those where the reporter has shared contact details, will be handled with extreme care. To guarantee anonymous reporting, SFS does not automatically collect emails regarding this form. Based on your setting, you might see your email address automatically populated by Google. Please be assured this information is not transferred to SFS. 

If you would like to be informed of the progress of your report or are willing to answer additional questions, please provide your personal contact information at the end of this form. Sharing your contact detail will help us better understand the problem and address it properly as we strive to make SFS safer, healthier and stronger.

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What is the nature of your concern?
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How did you learn about the conduct? You may select more than one answer.
Have you reported your concern to any of the school administrators?
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Is the conduct ongoing?
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Has the individual or organisation acknowledged the conduct?
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When did you become aware of the concerning activity?
When did the conduct begin? (pick approximate date if specific date is not known)
Do you know a specific day (and/or time) the activity took place? If so, please provide a day or period for the school to look further into.
Please describe the conduct or situation you are concerned of. We ask you to be as specific as possible and include as much detail as you can, especially if you do not plan to share your contact information. (It will help us to follow up if you can provide information on who is involved, where it happened, when it happened (including time), what happened, who else is aware of the situation, etc.)
Please provide any evidence you may have.
Have you taken any action regarding this concern? If so, please provide details of the action you took so far.
Do you have any  additional comments or details that may help us with this matter?
Can you provide us your phone number? We will use it only to ask you any clarification questions or provide feedback regarding this concern.
Can you provide us your email address? We will use it only to ask you questions to clarify the concern or provide feedback regarding this concern.
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