Hard Copy Suggestion For UMSIDA Journals
This form is made to facilitate Authors whose articles are published in journals or proceeding at Universitas Muhammadiyah Sidoarjo and would like to get the printed version.

List of product fee:
1. Full Print (Cover , Front Matter, All Article, Back Matter, A4, HVS 80gr) = Rp. 100.000,-/Eks
2. Print for Author (Cover , Front Matter, Author Article ONLY, Back Matter, A4, HVS 80gr) = Rp. 50.000,-/Eks
3. Premium Print (Cover , Front Matter, Author Article only, Back Matter, A4, coat paper) = Rp. 250.000,-/Eks

List of shipping fee:
1. East Java/Free
2. Java Island (Rp. 30.000)
3. Sumatera, Sulawesi, Maluku, Kalimantan Island (Rp. 60.000)
4. Papua, NTT Island (Rp. 120.000)
5. Bali, NTB Island (Rp. 40.000)
6. Asian Region (Rp. 350.000)
7. African Region (Rp. 475.000)
8. Europe Region (Rp. 350.000)
9. America Region (Rp. 250.000)
10. South America Region (Rp. 450.000)
11. Australia Region (Rp. 250.000)
12. ASEAN Region (Rp. 250.000,-)

Please transfer to:
Bank name : BSM (Bank Syariah Mandiri)
Bank account name : LP2B UMSIDA
Bank account number : 7112963237
Branch : Sidoarjo .

Thank You


Head of Publisher

Url Journal: http://ojs.umsida.ac.id
Official Email Publisher: p3i@umsida.ac.id
Hotline: +6231 - 8945 - 444 (Ext.189) (Pusat Pengembangan Publikasi Ilmiah UMSIDA)
WhatsApp: +62878 - 5969 - 8383 (Multazam), +62813 - 3406 - 8278 (Fika)

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