Data Science for India Recruitment
We're looking for people who are extremely passionate about the cause and skilled in the following areas:

1. Web Development: Responsible for designing and updating our website. We will provide the content. Proficient in HTML/CSS/JavaScript.
2. Graphic Design: Will work closely with outreach and web development teams to produce content relevant to the website, social media profiles, upcoming events, etc. Proficient with any design tool (i.e. Photoshop Illustrator, InDesign, Powerpoint, Sketch).
3. Outreach: At the forefront of public relations, social media, and communications with students and organizations at Indian institutions. Good writing/communication skills.
4. Curriculum Development: Work to create relevant and applicable lessons to be taught to students with various levels of exposure to programming/math/statistics. 1 year of college courses in CS/Math/Statistics AND/OR knowledge of open datasets about India. Teaching experience recommended.
5. Content Development: Develop worksheets and programming exercises for students. Basic programming knowledge and familiarity with UNIX command line recommended.

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