TCHA Musical Theatre Survey
We want to hear from YOU! Share as much or as little as you would like! Specific answers are appreciated!
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What are the main reasons you enjoy performing in TCHA's musical theatre productions?
Would you enjoy opportunities to learn skills in theatrical design? (Set Design, Costume Design, Prop Design, etc.)
Would you enjoy opportunities to work on learning and honing performance skills? If so, which skills?
Would you enjoy opportunity to develop skills in writing? (Songwriting, Scriptwriting etc.)
Is there another aspect of musical theatre you would appreciate opportunity to pursue through TCHA?
Would you be interested in being involved in a small-cast show? Typically TCHA musicals involve over 60 actors. Due to social-distance regulations, we are exploring ways to have smaller amounts of actors on stage at once. What are your thoughts on this concept?
Would you still be interested in participating in a fall musical that is not a large-cast, traditional Broadway show?
Are there any other thoughts you would like to add?
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