Return-to-School Family Survey
Indianapolis Public Schools is considering several options for the 2020–21 school year.

To help the district in its planning, we are asking all IPS parents/guardians to complete and submit the Return-to-School Family Survey. This will help the district understand how families feel about returning to classrooms, e-learning and much more.

The deadline to submit the survey is June 26.
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1. Parent /Guardian Name
2. Parent/Guardian Contact Info (Please provide a phone number and or email address)
3. How many students do you have enrolled at IPS?
4. Which of the following would need to happen for you to consider sending your child/children back to school in person this fall? Please check all that apply.
5. Which of the following would need to happen for you to consider sending your child/children back to school on an IPS-provided school bus this fall? Check all that apply.
6. What else could IPS do to make your family feel safe returning to school in person this fall?
7. What do you think your household's work arrangement will look like this fall (August/September)?
8. Are any of your household family members considered to be part of the COVID-19 vulnerable population? Vulnerable populations include people 65 years of age and older; people with high-risk conditions, including chronic lung disease or moderate-to-severe asthma; people with serious heart conditions; people with diabetes, renal failure, or liver disease; and people who are immunocompromised, including people who are undergoing cancer treatment, and people with severe obesity.
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9. If modifications are needed to reopen schools to ensure social distancing, which option would you prefer?
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10. Does every child in your household who is an IPS student have access to one or more computers at home to complete assignments?
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11. Does your family have access to high-speed internet at home?
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12. While schools have been closed, has your child/children had at least once-per-week contact with their teacher(s)?
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13. While schools have been closed, has your child/children received feedback on the work they have submitted to their teacher(s)?
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14. What else do you want IPS to know about your home learning experience?
15. We know home learning requires increased communication from teachers and staff to families. If we find ourselves needing to do home learning for any portion of the 2020–21 school year, what is your preferred method of communication? Check all that apply.
16. We know that many of our students may need additional support this fall due to school closures and the impact of COVID-19. If IPS were able to provide the following services, which ones might your family be interested in? Please check all that apply.
17. If COVID-19 restrictions were lifted and school was allowed to be held as normal this fall, how likely would you be to send your child/children back to school at IPS?
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