Triad 2019 Cosplay Registration
Please visit to learn more about the competition, including rules, divisions, awards, and more!

If you are entering as a group, please have a designated group leader who will be the point of contact for your entry. Please use your real name(s). If you wish to be called by a nickname, please indicate using (parenthesis) next to your name.

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If you are a solo entry, please skip the group--related questions.
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Words Are Hard... especially names! Please tell us how your characters’ name is pronounced so that our emcees make sure they are said correctly.
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Please let us know what your character is from. If you are doing an original character, please state so.
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Reference Art
Please link to the image you used as the main reference for your character(s) here. If you are entering Craftsmanship, please remember to also bring your reference (preferably printed) with you to judging. If you are doing an original character, please state so.
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Competition Division *
If entering as a group, Division is determined by the Division of the highest-ranking group member.
Performance Intro
Example: “Tsukune lives a pretty normal life... until he inadvertently enrolls in a boarding school for monsters. Here is Haley & Darke performing Dancing in the Velvet Moonlight from Rosario + Vampire.”
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Example: Do you need a handler? Sight/Movement restricted? Are you the parent of an entry?
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