D&D Summer Camp
Monday - Thursday, July 22 - 25
Ages: 12 +
Time: 1 - 4:30
Healthy Snacks will be served
$50+ in free product
Two Tracks: Miniature Painting and Dungeon Master (DM)

Dungeons and Dragons is a highly social, cooperative game that teaches narrative building, communication, team building, strategy planning, social skills, storytelling, vocabulary, basic math, emotional and social cues, and so much more.

Participants will be divided by age, where possible, into groups of up to seven players per Dungeon Master (game leader). We will begin by teaching all our participants the basic rules of D&D play and how to create their own dynamic role playing characters. They will get everything they need to play: character folio, marker, pencil, dice and mini to start them on the path of play. All participants will get to play in adventures throughout the camp.

Additionally, based on which track they choose, participants will get brushes for painting or map tiles for Dungeon Mastering. Painting track participants will use their brushes and provided paints to learn the basics of miniature painting including layering, shading, dry brushing and more. DM track participants will get instruction on running games, creating stories, and working with their players to create a great experience.

Whatever track they choose, by the end of the week participants will have had the chance to learn the basics of character creation, game play, and adventuring. Along with all that they can walk away with memories and stories to share with their friends - old and new.

Entry: $199 + tax

(If you are signing up multiple participants or a participant is attending multiple camps, we offer a $20 reduction in price per entry. Please mention this at check in so we can give you the appropriate discounts.)

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Choose between two tracks: Participants can either learn the basics of Painting miniatures or the basics of being a Dungeon Master (game leader). Each track will have different supplies and instruction provided for a portion of the camp. Both tracks will get to play adventures and will not be excluded from games.
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