N Wasco County PUD COVID-19 Business Assistance Program
If you would like to be considered for Round 3 of the NWCPUD COVID-19 Small Business Assistance Program for the Northern Wasco County PUD, please fill out the survey below. Businesses who recieved assistance in 2020 and 2021 are eligible to reapply. Here are the details of the program.

The discount will be temporary in nature and will run for 3 consecutive months of operation between July 2021 and December 2021.

The discount percentage is based on business type:
1) 100% Facilities Charge and 50% of Energy Charge for store front businesses.
2) 100% Facilities Charge and 30% of Energy Charge for home based businesses.
3) Applied to 3 consecutive months' usage.
4) The discount is limited to $800 per business.

Small business eligibility criteria:
1) In business January 1, 2020 within Wasco County
2) Active NWPUD account
3) Between 1-20 employees. Employees can be the owners.
4) Impacted by COVID-19, with an emphasis on mandated closures or significant shifts in operations (ex. restaurants that could not operate a dining room).
5) Must be a business or non-profit entity registered in Oregon. For non-profits, must be recognized by the IRS and have no religious affiliation.
6) Agricultural producers are excluded.

Funds available are limited. Once they are expended, the program will be closed.

The information you share with the Wasco County Economic Development Commission through this survey will only be shared with the PUD to show eligibility for the grant program if your businesses is interested in participating, and may be aggregated to share community wide impacts.
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